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Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for everything.  Russ and Tracie were great with Kayla.  They made this a much smoother issue to deal with, very patient and kind with Kayla and very understanding.  To watch Tracie cry right along with all of us, we knew Kayla would be in very good hands, very caring people.  Thank you again for everything.  You guys are the best and please make sure that Russ and Tracie know how thankful we were to have them. 

God Bless You all!!!

Dear Sherry,

Would you please let Dave and Sean know that we could not express our gratitude at the time of our son’s transport because the situation was a nightmare for us.  But the two of them could not have been more professional, compassionate and calm.  Please give them our sincerest thank you.  

Dear USA Guides,

I wanted to drop a line and say thank you for your services this Monday (11/17). As you saw, it was an extremely emotional time for my family. Scott, I really appreciated your kind words and tenderness towards my Parents, especially my mom. You went out of your way to console her and for that I will always be grateful. I also thank you on behalf of John. We all felt comfortable entrusting the baby of our family to you.

For this and so much more, thank you.

Sincerely, P. Mr. & Mrs. Y.

I just wanted to thank USA Guides for the safe journey of my granddaughter, to Integrity House last Wednesday. Your Agents are the most compassionate people. I was not in good shape that day and they "took me under their wing" with great respect for my situation and feelings. At a very difficult time for me, these 2 people came forward and made the trip with my granddaughter easier for me. I appreciate their compassion and understanding.

Sincerely, D.

Michael and I would like to thank you, especially Bart and Justin, for helping to make this difficult situation easier for us. They helped to make the transition less of a nightmare. We appreciate all you did.

Many thanks. A.C.

We want to thank you for ........ everything! We could not have done this without your service. We appreciate your professionalism, promptness, thoroughness, communication and compassion. Our sincere thanks to your Agents!! Along with our apologies for the "abuse" that they must have endured for many hours in our son's company. We appreciated the time that Scott spent with us on the phone and his genuine concern and encouragement. Both of your Agents were warm yet professional and we were thankful, as that was a very difficult time for us.

Accolades to your and your staff. We are grateful.

Sincerely, A. and E.

Wanted to touch base with you the fast way. I'll be sending a card snail mail, but I knew you could relay this to your agents easily and in a timely fashion. Our thanks to you cannot be adequately expressed. To be able to confidently and capably take care of a person's needs is a great gift. You and your staff alleviated our fears and handled a situation that was very stressful to our family in a professional way. We were so pleasantly surprised by the calm and smooth transition that was made for our daughter between our home and her new school. Your Agents made Cindy feel safe and in the hands of caring friends rather than adversaries. Your staff provided for every situation and made us, as parents feel comforted as well.

Thank you.

God Bless, C. & J.

In a Press Release issued by Dore Frances, an Independent Educational Consultant.

I enjoy working with Sherry Andersen, as well as all the staff at USA Guides. They have more than proven their capabilities during some very difficult transports in and out of the country. This is most easily reflected in some of the wonderful letters I received from parents that I worked with and in which Sherry and her team assisted. I'd like to share them with you.

"In May of this year, I had contacted Dore Frances to assist with placement of our daughter. She referred us to USA Guides to assist in bringing her to her program. USA Guides was successful beyond my expectations. I wish to voice my appreciation for the care and treatment our daughter received while she was in their care. I thank them for all they did to make this easier for me."

L. Dahlke, of El Segundo, California, 15 year old daughter

This letter was passed along by M. Copper, of Honduras, 13 year old daughter, writes:

"The only person I found who would help me, being so far way on assignment, was Dore Frances. I had no contacts in the U.S., and she referred me to USA Guides to assist with bringing my daughter to her program. She had just been kicked out of a program in Utah, who said they could help her, but then realized they couldn't. They placed her in a hospital, and then called me in Honduras and said I had 24 hours to come and get her. I cannot say enough concerning my gratitude and appreciation for what Dore and USA Guide's did. USA Guide's even took the time to stop and buy her some shoes on the way. I again had the pleasure of USA Guides helping me with my second daughter just last month. The director personally drove to the airport to meet her. He is a wonderful and truly caring person. Dore Frances is also a truly exceptional person and I feel she is in exactly the field of helping kids and families she should be in."

"I wish to express my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Dore Frances for recommending USA Guides. All of the staff were in contact with me during the entire procedure from start to finish. Our daughter even developed a good relationship with her escorts, and that means more to me than I can say."

J. Lange, of New York, 17 year old daughter

"We took Dore Frances's advice to go with an escort because of our son's drug use. As it turns out, we really did need to depend on the USA Guides team to help us. They were so nice, friendly, helpful, understanding, patient and professional. I really enjoyed not having to go through this without their help."

C. Aibel, Pennsylvania, son 17


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"It all went so smoothly....I must have rehearsed what I was going to say to her 100 times....and the support of the guides was such a safety net....they are a great team. You were right about waking her up too...of course. Its hard to picture the process until you have done it once. If you have a chance to redo the video I think it would helpful to have the child at least talking and expressing and a much more audible script of what the mom says. This would allay a lot more fear. I will be sure to recommend you to others who need you. If you need anyone to call me who wants references feel free to use my name and give them my home phone."