Reasons to use a Youth Transport Service

When the decision is made to send your teen to either a short or long term residential treatment program it will be necessary for you to plan how to get them to the program. Many of these schools are out of state or may even be out of the country.

Depending on your current relationship with your teen and what type of behavior your teen is exhibiting, you will need to decide whether it is feasible for you to transport your teen to the program or to hire a professional transport service.

Occasionally, teens will recognize they need help and ask for it. In these situations it may be possible for you to plan the enrollment in the program with your teen, help them get ready and deliver them to the program yourself.

Most often, the teen's behavior has deteriorated to a point where the teen is a run risk, is emotionally abusive or manipulative, or there is a risk that they will harm themselves or others. If the teen is at the stage where they are uncooperative with family you should consider a professional transportation service.

Ask yourself these following questions:

  1. If I talked to my teen about enrolling into a treatment program, would he or she likely to be receptive to the idea or resist it?
  2. Would my teen likely run if he or she found out ahead of time?
  3. Would my teen become combative if we tried to enroll them?
  4. Emotionally what would be best for the family?


When a child is hurting, there is the tendency to lash out at those they know. Teens are much less likely to act out with someone they are less familiar with, particularly a person that they see as a professional. Our experience has been that as professional transport service we get much better cooperation from the airlines and law enforcement officials than if it is a parent who is having problems with the teen.

The majority of the staff at USA Guides are parents, and we know how emotionally distressing this is for you. It is truly one of the most difficult "Tough Love" decisions that parents will ever be faced with. We hope to give you the reassurance that you need, and we want you to know when you decide to place your child in our care that they will be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect, and will arrive at their destination safely.

Selecting a Professional Service

Please look at our features and compare our program with any of our competitors before making a final choice.

  • We have references from parents, referral agencies, and teen programs who have worked with us in the past.
  • We are fully insured and bonded.
  • We do a thorough background and FBI criminal checks on all employees before making the decision to hire.
  • We have ongoing training for all Guides to educate them in the best de-escalation techniques. . We have a clinical psychologist that specializes in adolescents on staff for training purposes. Our training facilitators have an additional 35 years of Law Enforcement background. We also regularly consult with professionals whose entire careers are centered around helping troubled and at risk adolescents.
  • We have Guides from various backgrounds who are available for specific needs; many are bi-lingual.
  • We always work in teams of two Guides. One guide is always the same gender as the teen, to preserve their modesty and provide security at all times.
  • We provide a detailed plan of how the escort will be handled ahead of time. This plan includes the names  and contact information of the Guides, time and location of pickup, travel arrangements, and follow up contact with the parents during and after the transport.
  • We provide a detailed written quote for all services
  • If you are sending your teen to a program out of th ecountry the child may be required to have a Passport. We have the ability to secure one within a couple days using an expedited passport service agency.
  • We are available on a 24 hours a day 7 days a week basis.
  • We will answer all of your questions before you make the decision to use our services.


Please feel free to call us anytime and ask all the questions you want. Our Intake Coordinators are well trained and are here to help you and your family in this stressful and emotional time.


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