Private Aircraft Information

We have private aircraft available for your use. In many instances parents may want a discreet and private transport of their child. With private aircraft we are not bound by airline schedules and can utilize any regional or local airport. This capability is beneficial for transports into the mountain state as it may reduce overall airfare costs. All  private aircraft availability is based upon piolot availability. Please call and we would be happy to get you a quote.

Cessna 340

Engines: Twin-Engine Turbocharged Piston, 310 H.P. Per Side
Seats: Six
Cruise Speed: 230 MPH
Range: 1,100 Miles
Ceiling: 30,000 ft.

Cessna 421

Engines: Twin-Engine Turbocharged Piston, 375 H.P. Per Side
Seats: Eight
Cruise Speed: 240 MPH
Range: 1,100 Miles
Ceiling: 30,000 ft.

Both aircraft are pressurized, cabin-class, all weather twins. They have state-of-the art avionics including GPS, weather radar, and auto pilot. They have full de-icing equipment and are certified for flight into known icing conditions.

Pilatus PC-12 (Limited Availability)

Engines: Single-Engine Jet Prop, 750 H.P.
Seats: Ten
Cruise Speed: 300 MPH
Range: 2,100 Miles
Ceiling: 30,000 ft.

This entire aircraft is state-of-the-art in both design and avionics. It features a "Glass Cockpit" similar to those in the new Jet airliners. The avionics features GPS, weather radar, auto-pilot and collision avoidance system. It has full de-icing equipment and is certified for flight into known icing conditions.


Stephen Sandstrom

Stephen Sandstrom is an Airline Transport rated pilot, and has been a licensed pilot for 23 years. He has logged more than 9,000 hours of flight time. He has flown as a corporate pilot for various corporations including Arjay Medical. He flew for Skywest Airlines and then went on to fly for US Airways where he flew as a Captain based in Philadelphia, PA. As a result of the airline industry collapse after 9/11 attacks, he was furloughed from US Airways. Prior to his airline career, he was an Officer in the United States Marine Corp.

Floyd Richey

Floyd Richey is an Airline Transport rated pilot, and has been a licensed pilot for 36 years. He has logged more than 14,000 hours of flight time. He is a retired Trans World Airlines (TWA) pilot, where he flew for 28 years. He has flown routes throughout the entire globe. He also flew for Air Saudia on loan from TWA. Prior to his career with TWA, he was an Officer in the United States Air force, where he flew F-89 fighters, C-47 transports, and L1011 Transports.

Scott Pettis

Scott Pettis is a Commercial rated pilot, and has been a licensed pilot for 16 years. He has logged more than 3,500 hours of flight time. He is a corporate pilot for Oldham & Associates, and flies throughout the United States. Prior to his flying career, Scott played football for Brigham Young University as a running back. He played with both Jim McMahon and Steve Young. After college ball, he played for the Denver Broncos for a short time.


Customer Log in

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"I am so grateful that USA Guides Inc. was recommended to me when my husband and I decided to send our son Matt to Eagles Nest School. Your guidance on the phone during my initial contact was very helpful, you were patient and answered all my questions. When Ron Buck contacted me I received the same professionalism that I received from you. Ron was very helpful in making me feel comfortable about Matt's transportation to the school. When Ron and Robert arrived at our home their calm demeanor helped my feel less nervous. Matt did show some resistance upon leaving the house, but the situation was handled quickly. When Ron called me from the plane he assured me that Matt was OK, he calmed down in the car and everything was going smoothly. After Matt arrived at Eagles Nest Ron again called me to give me more details of the trip. I appreciated his report and felt relieved that Matt was with two men with compassion and understanding. I think that both Ron and Robert made a difficult situation more comfortable for Matt. I have nothing but high praise for your company and especially feel that Ron Buck and Robert Skinner are top professionals and would recommend your services to my friends and family. Thank you very much."