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USA Guides is the only youth transport company in the Nation that can offer a parent complete peace of mind. We have the best trained agents combined with cutting edge technology that assures the safety of every client. We also have very competitive rates.

Youth Transport Fees

What is a Youth Transport?

USA Guides has many caring, experienced teams that will work with your family to transport your troubled child/teenager from your home to the teen help provider (treatment center, boarding school, wilderness program, etc.) that you choose. We will also help you through all the details of the transport, and we are available to help 24 hours a day.

Youth Transport Process

Youth Transport Process Video

This video outlines the stages of the USA Guides: Youth Transport Process from the moment a concerned parent contacts us, all the way to where the struggling child is safely in the hands of our highly-trained team members driving away.

Youth Transport Video

Why so many people use USA Guides

When the decision is made to send your teen to either a short or long term residential treatment program, it may be necessary for you to contract the services of a teen transport company. USA Guides will transport students to any point on the globe, using the most trained personel and the highest level of technology available.

Depending on your relationship and what type of behavior your teen is exhibiting, you will need to decide whether it is wise for you to transport your teen to the program or if it would be safer to hire USA Guides, a professional youth transport service.

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Other services we offer

  • Locate runaways
  • Travel companion services
  • Private investigator services
  • Adoption assistance transport

If you are interested in a quote, or need additional information about our services, please contact us any time.

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"I am so grateful that USA Guides Inc. was recommended to me when my husband and I decided to send our son Matt to Eagles Nest School. Your guidance on the phone during my initial contact was very helpful, you were patient and answered all my questions. When Ron Buck contacted me I received the same professionalism that I received from you. Ron was very helpful in making me feel comfortable about Matt's transportation to the school. When Ron and Robert arrived at our home their calm demeanor helped my feel less nervous. Matt did show some resistance upon leaving the house, but the situation was handled quickly. When Ron called me from the plane he assured me that Matt was OK, he calmed down in the car and everything was going smoothly. After Matt arrived at Eagles Nest Ron again called me to give me more details of the trip. I appreciated his report and felt relieved that Matt was with two men with compassion and understanding. I think that both Ron and Robert made a difficult situation more comfortable for Matt. I have nothing but high praise for your company and especially feel that Ron Buck and Robert Skinner are top professionals and would recommend your services to my friends and family. Thank you very much."