Costs of a Youth Transport

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There are three (3) primary charges associated with the transportation of an adolescent minor. These charges are for the Guides, Airfare & Hotel.

1. The Guides:

We charge a flat rate fee for our Guides for each 24 hours of transport time. This flat rate fee includes:

  • 2 Professional Guides
  • Meals / Snacks
  • Car rental
  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Incidentals
  • Phone Calls



Any transport that can be accomplished by driving, within the following  geographic areas:

  • Southern California (Ventura County to San Diego County)
  • South Western Nevada
  • Central, Western and Northern Arizona
  • All of Utah
  • Southern Idaho.
For all transports that involve flying within the U.S., which includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, and Northern Mexico: A flat rate fee is also applied. (Please be advised that airfare is in addition to our flat rate fees)


  • For transports that involve any other locations, please contact our office for a personalized price quote.
  • We offer free price quotes for all our services in writing prior to fees being charged.
  • All fees are collected either prior to the start of a transport or when the Guides arrive at your location.
  • It is very rare that a transport exceed 24 hours of travel time, without a parent being aware in advance. In  cases of mechanical failure, extreme weather conditions, delayed or cancelled flights, etc. additional fees may be charged to cover the additional cost and time of the agents. These costs are limited to actual costs and a flat rate fee of $200.00 per day for the agents.  

2. Airfare:

If Airfare is needed we charge at cost with no mark up fees. Airfare can be expensive and if we can schedule the transport with sufficient advance notice a very significant savings can be realized. The client is welcome to use any Airfare discounts or frequent flier programs they have at their disposal. When Airfare is needed we attempt to secure the best possible fares available. We also have private planes available for families.

View USA Guides Private Aircraft Fleet


3. Hotel:

Hotels are generally utilized only in a special circumstance or at the specific request of the client. All Hotel costs are additional to the flat rate and are charged at cost with no markup fees.

4. Other:

Other fees are only applied if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding the transport, or if a client makes a special request. Any additional charges are discussed at the time the request is made.  A written quote is available upon request.

All fees can be paid in advance by Credit Card, or are collected when the Guides arrive to start the transport.

In regards to the escorting services for adults and minors requiring a traveling companion we charge a flat rate fee for each 24 hours of travel. We will need to determine the number of companions requested, what background of our Guides best fits your particular needs and the time involved in your travel plans. Our fees are based upon what arrangements you require us to make on your behalf, and the particular circumstances surrounding the itinerary. We will work closely with you on all aspects of the travel plans and provide a written proposal for you approval prior to any fees being charged.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Cashiers check; all checks must be made out to: USA Guides, Inc


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